Family Week- Dr. Lynn Lucas & Pastor Joe Morales

Event details

  • Tuesday | July 14, 2020 to Sunday | July 19, 2020
  • 1 Christian Lane New Ringgold PA 17960
  • 570-386-2154


Lynn is the Senior Pastor of Fountainhead Congregation in East Northport, NY. She holds Doctorate degrees in ministry and theology and has a passion for expounding the scriptures in understandable and revelatory ways. Her ministry has seen countless lives healed and delivered and has taken her to every corner of the United States. Lynn co-authored the book “No Longer a Victim” with Dr. Burton Stokes.



Joe Morales pastors Jubilee Outreach, which he founded in 1980, with his wife of over 47 years, Lety Morales. Together they have raised 5 children and now have 6 wonderful grandchildren.

They have seen God work in their lives and continue to expand their ministry over the years. In 1985, their middle son Joseph, who was later diagnosed with autism, collapsed on their family room floor and died. Joe & Lety stood in faith for their son and called him back to life. His faith was tested again in 2001 when his wife, Lety was diagnosed with a malignant tumor over her pancreas. She had surgery to remove the tumor, and during the course of one year, after several CT and pet scans, they could not find any trace of cancer in her body!

In 39 years of ministry, Pastors Joe and Lety have developed inner healing ministry that started as small sessions and now are very in-depth for men and women. They deal with, judgements, word curses, inner vows, pornography, anger, forgiveness and soul ties, just to name a few. He is continually expanding his ministry and passion for the lost. His constant focus is on ministering faith that transforms lives and bringing people to the saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.