Media Winter Overflow Sale!

Family, we have an Overflow of great words preached here on the Mountain going as far back as ten years available in our Media library. We want to BLESS you with a 70% discount on the CD audios and DVD videos of your favorite speaker’s messages that are in this collection from these previous years! (before 2016). Messages from 2016 are still available at regular prices. Messages from 2016 are still available at regular prices.

  • CDs are now $1.50 each.
  • DVDs are now $3.50 each.


  • This is a perfect opportunity for you to:
  • be Blessed again by our speakers,
  • Bless someone else with a timely word
  • Bless the Mountain by spreading the news of what God does here!


The Complete list of Speakers. Click on their name for more details.

Shirley Arnold 
Chris Ball
Keith Barreto
Melva Beacham
Kim Black
Dykeman Brown
Maryann Brown
Ron Cantor
Jeff and Nancy Clark
Karl Coke
Sue Curran
Chris Dornbierer
Stephen Edlin
Shaw Buss End Time Handmaidens
Eve Fenton
Chris and Juanita Gissentaner
Olen Griffing
Gary Ham
Paul Johansson
Mark Passarella
Sandra Kennedy
Roger Lehman
Lynn Lucas
Gwen Mouliert
Sigi and David Oblander
Kevin Powe
Charles and Dotty Schmitt
Gwen Shaw and Sharon Buss
Damian Smeragliuolo
Wesley Smith
Robert Stearns Eagles Wings
Decker Tapscott
Helen Trowbridge
Women in Ministry Conference
Yaps Shachah
Ennio and Maribel Zaragoza

Media Price List
Individual CDs $5.00 each
Individual DVDs $12.00 each
CD/DVD Storage Cases for CDs and DVDs $4.00 each


All orders are shipped via EXPRESS (First Class Priority Mail: 1-3 days) or STANDARD (7-10 days), whichever you prefer.

  CD/DVD Only                w/ Case
1 CD/DVD $2.75                                N/A
2 CD/DVDs $3.25                                N/A N/A
3 CD/DVDs $3.50                               $5.00 $4.25
4 CD/DVDs $4.50                               $5.50 $4.75
5 CD/DVDs $5.00                               $6.00 $4.75
6-10 CD/DVDs $6.50                               $6.75 $5.00
11 CD/DVDs $7.00                               $7.50 $6.00
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