Become a Prayer-Partner

Dear Friends:
I want to share with you an idea which I think will both bless you and help Blue Mountain Christian Retreat.In many different ways for over twenty-five years, God has reached out to people coming to “the mountain”. He provided ministry, rest, and counsel for tired and needy people. And not least, dealing with families who sought God’s harmony. God has touched lives in so many wonderful ways and often with direct miracles. But there is one group of friends coming up here – a group that is really special. They are the ones who come to pray, to seek His face for strength, direction, and confirmation. I love this quiet group. We all need their prayers. It is a joy to tell you that through the year there are people on the mountain praying and interceding for others. We delight in this. We thank God for them, and we want to encourage them.
Did you know that you too can become a Prayer-Partner of Blue Mountain Christian Retreat? You can be a real active part of our ministry by praying and giving. A gift of $25.00 or more per month would make a big difference to us. Most important, it would enable us to keep our prices reasonable so that average families could still afford to come. It would also help us to compensate our staff better and keep them longer. Also, to keep this facility in good shape is becoming more and more of a challenge and is very costly. Could you decide to help us? Many have confirmed God’s richest blessings as they bless the Retreat and pray for it.In return for your monthly pledge, we would like to reserve a free room for you at the Retreat for two days and two nights between Monday and Friday. This could be arranged almost any time during the year except during our busy summer season in July and August. You would be staying in cooking units so you could prepare your meals if you would like to do that.To give you two free days and nights would not be a big sacrifice for us. It would be during the time of the week when the rooms would be empty.
Actually, the awareness that friends are here to pray and seek the Lord makes us thankful to God. There is nothing in these troubled times that we need more than to really pray for one another. I also want you to experience “the mountain” during the off-season. You will love the peace and beauty and I know God would refresh your spirit. See below for Prayer Partner Rules.
After prayerful consideration, please respond as God directs your heart.
Thank you for your friendship and support. Our prayers are with you.
Yours in Christ, Chris Dornbierer
Blue Mountain Christian Retreat


1. Partners must check with the office if there is a room for the time they want to come.
2. Partners can come between Monday noon and Friday noon.
3. Partners are not able to schedule their “free nights” during the summer from (approx.) June 20 to Labor Day.
4. Partners should be reminded that there are no meals; but they have the opportunity for light cooking.
5. One single person, or husband and wife can come together. A single person can bring a friend to share the accommodations (but not of the opposite sex).
6. The two “free nights” can be added onto a weekend reservation (before or after the weekend – Check with the office).
7. Two months pledge ($50) must be paid before overnight reservations can be honored.
8. Due to I.R.S. regulations, when two nights “free lodging” are taken, the next $60 of pledges are not tax deductible.