March Devotion: He is risen forever!

Luke 24:6 He is risen from the dead!

It’s not Easter quite yet. But maybe you need an early reminder. For many, it’s a nice message to hear on a Spring Sunday while wearing a floral dress or pastel suit & tie, anticipating the ham and chocolate bunnies. Thank God that He didn’t just die and rise again so we can have an excuse to dress up, take cute family pictures, and eat a shameless amount of chocolate. However anticipated and appreciated these traditions are, let’s remember not to miss the actual reason we celebrate.

Of course it’s easy to go to church on Resurrection Sunday, feeling alive, reminded of what Jesus did for us.  What about those Sundays at the end of hard and exhausting work weeks? The Sundays where we feel like all we want is to sleep in because we’re disappointed at how our previous days have been spent; these are the exact days that Jesus has overcome for us!

He is risen every day so that every day we have the victory. Choose victory over your defeated circumstances today; don’t wait for one Sunday in spring. Hallelujah! He is Risen!

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