This is How I Eat My Waffles

Personally, my favorite meal of the day is lunch. Normally, I like to sleep in, so Breakfast is always a pass. But, there is an exception, and it is the only one- when I see Belgian Waffles are on the menu. Belgian Waffles will always get me out of bed in the morning. On the mountain, they are not your typical waffles with butter and syrup; they are much more than that! As a self-proclaimed waffle connoisseur here is my science behind the perfect waffle.

Step One: Picking the BEST Waffle

Picking the best waffle is all about personal preference. Some like soft & soggy while others prefer firm and crunchy. You’ll need it to be sturdy enough to hold the toppings.  I choose a crunchier waffle, but one that is still fluffy on the inside. Of course, don’t forget the powdered sugar!

Step Two: Filling the Pockets

This step is crucial! Completing the perfect waffle is all about order, and this step is probably the most important. Fill the pockets with mini chocolate chips. If you’re a chocolate lover like me, you may want to overfill the pockets a bit; it’s all preference, but you’re missing out if this step is skipped.

Step Three: Melting the Chocolate in the Yummiest Way!

The warm strawberry topping is my favorite part. With real strawberry chunks, every bite is flavorful and juicy. Because the topping is always served warm, the chocolate chips begin to melt. It’s important not to go overboard on this topping because the waffle will fall apart as the strawberry becomes too overpowering. You need just enough to hug the chocolate chips in warmth. Oh, and bacon lovers, whenever there’s bacon, get some. Never forget the savory with the sweet.

Step Four: Made In-House Whipped Cream

For me, whether or not I put whipped cream on my waffle is all about how I’m feeling for the day. Sometimes I don’t, sometimes I do. A good factor for me is if I see that the chefs made their own whipped cream. That’s right, this isn’t from the can! But when you’re in the mood for whipped cream on your waffles, it all works the same. This makes the waffles creamy and over all blends the flavors together perfectly.

Step Five: The Step of ALL Steps

Using a fork and knife to cut the waffle is a lot of work and gets the topping everywhere, BUT into your mouth. My hands are the perfect utensils to get the perfect bite every time!

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