Introducing: Glow Dodge Ball

The summer is our busiest time of the year and we love it! But….  little break in the winter during our down time is always nice. As we host private church groups during the winter weekends, it is a great time to freshen up our program, update or create activities, and work through various projects. Because of the abundance of youth groups on the mountain for their winter retreats, we set a  goal to add an activity that can be done in the summer for our program, while also opening it to  these types of groups looking for something fun to do in their down time in the winter. That’s when Glow Dodge Ball came into the picture!

Dodge Ball has always been a timeless Children’s Ministry staple on the mountain. How do we take an already favorite, and make it better? By adding black lights! This fun effect makes non-Dodge Ball players (like myself) enjoy it! It truly is an activity for the whole group! Leaders included!

The winter youth groups have been having so much fun with Glow Dodge Ball. These groups now have an opportunity to play for a night activity that is facilitated by our Children’s Ministry department. Some brought their own face paint so their “war paint” would glow;  others brought glow sticks! Neon dodge balls and neon vests are included so everyone glows!

We can’t wait to introduce this fun twist to our summer guests during Family Weeks and Building the Next Generation Summer Nights! It’s going to get CRAZY! Be sure to wear your neon!

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