We are here for Soup, come and eat all of the Soup! We need some soup!

Growing up as the pickiest eater in the room was always awkward and uncomfortable for me. Birthday parties were the worst because I told them I didn’t like cake or brownies-Thank God I have overcome that one. I got so tired of explaining it that I just came up with a lie that I was allergic to most things. Hearing whispers of “What kid doesn’t like grilled cheese & tomato soup?” Don’t get it confused though, I loved grilled cheese, but tomato soup? Hot warm ketchup? No thanks; hard pass. I’ve grown out of most of my bad picky habits, but I will forever refuse tomato soup, or so I thought.

Fall was is in the air and with it came the urge to cozy up with a cup of soup. I walk into the dining room, hoping to see a mountain classic like chili or southwest soup, but to my disappointment, I find a new Tomato Tortellini Soup. While I love tortellini, I just stopped at tomato and kept the line moving. “No soup for me today” I thought. But was I wrong! Thanks to my foodie of a husband, I tried it and would end up eating 3 bowls during lunch time. I even took a to-go bowl home as well (staff perks). This soup feels like a deconstructed tomato bisque. It’s not blended, but just perfect bites of onions in every spoon. Let’s be real, onions are the heart and soul in most dishes, and it rings true to this soup. The tortellini added a delicious layer of flavor I was not expecting! I love ALL pasta and these bursts of cheese mixed with the tomato soup was a pleasant collaboration. Grilled cheese and tomato soup haunted my childhood, but these cheesy tortellini spoonfuls of tomato soup crept their way into my favorite soups on the mountain. When it’s on the menu, grab a bowl… or three because this is a soup!

Inspired by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLkHygFqQno

Written by: Amanda Diaz, Children & Youth Ministry Director

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