There are many lunches that excite me here, but none do so quite like Fajita Day. Like everyone else, I get to step up to the Hot Bar and make my own masterpieces. Although we have access to the same ingredients- from Spanish rice and beans to chicken, steak, or both- my fajitas turn out different than most.  You’re basically at Chipotle, except you’re making your own order as you make your choices down the food line; there’s also no additional charge for double protein. Queso on the side? Most go that route, but I get crazy and add it directly to my fajitas.  Bring on the tortilla chips, because today, I am skipping the salad. Fresh salsa made in house is my dessert.

Once I see fajitas on the menu, it will ALWAYS mean that I am going for seconds: 10,000 fajitas & then forevermore!

Written by: Justin Diaz, Ministry Coordinator & Children's Ministry Director